A Handbook of Dialogue. Trust and Identity

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Czyżewski, Krzysztof
Kulas, Joanna
Golubiewski, Mikolaj
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Fundacja Pogranicze
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534, 550

Książka w języku angielski podejmująca temat tolerancji w krajach europejskich.

Hans-Georg Gadamer said that life with Other, as the Other, and for Other is a fundamental human task on the lowest as well as on the highest level of human coexistence.
That is where Europe's advantage comes from, he said, which tried and still tries to develop the art of everyday living with the Others, so that the Other would not need to resign from his/her otherness and that my own otherness would not be harmed - and the Borderland Foundation is the best example of such practice. Passing of such experience to other people in the world in Europe's fate that awaits to become a destiny.

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